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THE WEEK May 16: Horse, sushi & bees

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The incredible race

This past Sunday an incredible sight took place on Beijing's north fifth ring road highway. A horse was spotted running on the road being chased by a man. At some point while the horse and the man were running on the highway along with cars, a dog jumped out of a BMW and started chasing the horse. The owner of the dog started chasing in her BMW, making it a chain of a horse being chased by a dog being chased by a man being followed by a BMW. Police are looking into why a horse was on the highway to begin with. They're also looking to another a report of an escaped ostrich.

Cooked sushi

A young Chinese woman living in Tokyo has created online controversy after posting a negative review about famed Sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro's. 23-year-old Lin Chuhan visited Jiro's second location, in Roppongi Hills. Having arrived 40 minutes late, she and her party found out that they did not enjoy eating raw food. They proceed to ask the staff if they could have their food cooked and taken to go. Shocked by Lin and her party’s request, the staff asked if Sushi is served cooked in her country. Lin took offense and started saying bad things about the famed establishment on Weibo. Unfortunately for Lin, Jiro's reputation and the nature of sushi turned the crowd against her. Jiro's is notoriously for being difficult to get a reservation at, as well as known for being expensive. Lin was skewered by online commenters in China; some even called her a national disgrace. Seriously, who goes to a sushi restaurant and asks for the fish to be cooked?

The bee's knees

Chinese bee keeper Ruan Liangming broke the Guinness World Record for the longest time covered in bees! Ruan from Jiangxi Province was covered from head to toe in bees for a over 50 minutes, shattering the previous world record. According Guinness officials, Ruan was wearing about 100,000 bees weighing in at 62 kilograms! Wearing bees also known as Bee bearding is a growing phenomenon across the world where people get together to see how many bees they can "wear" on their bodies.


Bee Bearding - a phenomenon where people compete by wearing large amounts of bees on their person.

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