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THE WEEK July 4: Transform and sell out!

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'Merica,oh yeah!

Animation Domination Hi Def recently uploaded their version of the Captain America theme some on YouTube drawing the ire and the adoration of millions. Taking the original words of the song and replacing them with sober statistics, all of which ridiculously depressing, but hey that’s what Patriotism's all about, being able to make fun of one's self.

No hands, pants on

Taiwan based comedian Xiao Zhiwei has made a name for himself imitating angry street protesters. Best known as Lai Lai Ge or Come Here Brother, Xiao produces comedy videos for Now News. Xiao is now blowing up the internet with his resurrection of an old internet fad, putting pants on without using hands. The video is a must watch.

Transform and sell out

The newest installment of the Transformers franchise is out in theaters now. While Transformers Age of Extinction is making bank in theaters, many other companies are hoping to reap the benefits. The movie has been called out for being a super sized commercial for multiple different products. From everything to Chevrolet cars to Shu Hua milk to even Victoria's Secret, this movie has it all.


Product Placement: A practice in which manufacturers of goods or providers of a service gain exposure for their products by paying for them to be featured in movies and television programs.

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