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THE WEEK Aug 29: And the Emmy goes to…

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And the Emmy goes to…

This year at the Primetime Emmy's, old tv favorites ran wild and won awards. Shows such as Veep, Breaking Bad, and Modern Family are all repeat winners, so in terms of surprises, this award show had none. Despite the stale winner's corner, there were a few key moments during this year's show, Weird Al Yankovic showed up and created parody lyrics for wordless theme songs, and we also saw the birth of an internet phenomenon in True Detective director Cary Joji Fukunaga.

Enough is enough

A man in a village in Foshan. Guandong province accidentally let loose about 150 snakes, some of which were poisonous. The man, surnamed Zhong had purchased said snakes to make wine, but instead of being made into wine, the snakes busted out into the village. Zhong's neighbors have banded together to create a committee to get rid of the snakes. So far a total of 100 snakes have been captured, there are still about 50 more on the prowl.


While we're using the title of the 90's Jean Claude-Van-Damme movie, we're not talking about the muscles from Brussels. Instead, we're talking about a case of a fake "Prada" bag. Earlier this week a young couple in Beijing attended a luxury goods appraisal event in Chongwenmen Beijing. The young woman, showed the appraiser her bag. It turns out the bag was a fake. Her foreigner boyfriend claimed that the bag was expensive and was the real deal, however the appraiser denied the claims. Fed up and angry the young woman started to beat her boyfriend on the spot. Guess their relationship wasn't exactly one of love.

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