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Vocabulary: Cinema ninjas 电影院里的黑衣忍者

Cinema ninjas 电影院里的黑衣忍者

When was the last time you went to the cinema? Were you interrupted by someone munching loudly on their popcorn, or rudely texting on their mobile phone?

These distractions may be common for many, but one cinema is now fighting back. It is attempting to combat the menace of nuisance film-goers with… cinema ninjas!

Screens at the Prince Charles Cinema in central London are now patrolled by a man or woman dressed head-to-toe in dark spandex. If a movie-goer disturbs the peace, the 'ninja' silently approaches and instructs them to desist in their troublesome behaviour. The move is hoped to reduce the need for customers to shush other audience members and keep all square-eyed film fans happy.


Although the idea of a strangely-clad person creeping around in a dark room might sound scary, the tactic is not intended to shock. The idea of the cinema ninja is to simply prevent bad behaviour.

Watching films at the cinema has changed dramatically since its heyday in the 1930's, when picture palaces were popular and rowdy places. Back then, teams of ushers were essential to maintaining order: both in showing people to their seats and calming boisterous audiences.

Nowadays, as ticket prices have risen, so too have the conditions for enjoying the cinema-going experience. Decorum and silence are fully expected. But offenders who whisper to friends or rustle a bag of crisps can still ruin the viewing experience.

So the next time you breach cinema etiquette by sending a text message or gossiping with a friend – beware! The tap on your shoulder could be a cinema ninja.

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