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To face head-on 勇敢面对

Youths enjoy a swim to cool off in a water channel in Amritsar; Northern India has been facing heat wave conditions in the last few weeks. Photo: Narinder Nanu.

To face head-on 勇敢面对

当我们 face (something) head-on 的时候,也就是说我们勇敢面对并处理碰到的问题或困难。


Consistently hot weather can interfere with the body's ability to regulate its temperature. For most healthy adults and children, as long as they drink plenty of water and avoid baking in the midday sun, it shouldn't pose a problem. But for the elderly, very young, and those with chronic medical conditions, risks are potentially significant.

持续性炎热的气候会影响到人体对自身体温的调节。对大多数健康的成人和儿童来说,保持充足的饮水和避免中午的太阳,就不会影响到健康。可是对老人,婴儿和长期患病的人, 酷热对身体健康的危险将大大增加。


Shopkeepers are so concerned about the high crime rate in their area that they're putting commercial issues aside and getting together to tackle the problem head-on.

John was blind from childhood but his parents have always been proud of him. He's always been used to confronting his disabilities face-on.

Youth unemployment will continue to rise till the government decides to face the chronic lack of good schools head-on.


如果你 keep your head down, 那么就是说表现很低调,避免引起他人的注意力。

Joan's boss is in a foul mood today and she's been avoiding trouble by keeping her head down.


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