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Tom, Dick and Harry 随便什么人

Prince Harry smiles during a visit to Bacon's College in London. Recently, the British Royal Family said nude photographs of Prince Harry cavorting with friends on holiday in Las Vegas were genuine. Photo: AFP/Chris Jackson


Although the phrase 'Tom, Dick and Harry' means people in general, the picture above is, of course, not any Tom, Dick or Harry but Prince Harry whose official title is HRH Prince Henry of Wales. He is third in line to the British throne (after his father Prince Charles and older brother William, the Duke of Cambridge).

A U.S. website recently caused a stir by publishing naked photos of Prince Harry partying in a private Las Vegas hotel room. The Prince is a Captain in The Blues and Royals, a cavalry regiment of the British Army Air Corps. He served in Afghanistan for more than two months in 2007 and is now training to be a helicopter pilot.

虽然短语 'Tom, Dick and Harry' 的意思是随便什么人,但图中的这个人可不那么简单,他是英国皇室的哈里王子,他的头衔是 HRH Prince Henry of Wales 威尔士亨利王子殿下, 是排列第三的英国王位继承人 (在他父亲查尔斯王子和长兄威廉王子之后)。

一家美国网站发布的照片最近引起了轰动,图中显示哈里王子在美国拉斯维加斯的一家酒店中被人抓拍到裸体照。哈里王子是英国陆军航空队的一员,担任The Blues and Royals骑兵团队长的职位。他曾于2007年在阿富汗服役2个多月,如今正在参加直升飞机驾驶员的培训。


短语 Tom, Dick and Harry 字面上是三个常见英文人名,实际含义是指任何人,随便什么人。


Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a mobile phone these days.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can tie their shoelaces - it's not difficult.

It was so crowded at the party - why did they invite every Tom, Dick and Harry?


短语 a clever dick 可以用来形容那些炫耀或卖弄自己有渊博知识的人。

He's always talking loudly in lots of different languages - he's such a clever dick.


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