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Leap of faith 信心的跳跃

A boy jumps from the diving platform of the lido at Lake Ammersee in southern Germany. Photo: Getty/Christof Stache


Lake Ammersee in the region of Bavaria is the sixth-biggest lake in Germany, covering an area of almost 50 square kilometres. The lake developed from melting glaciers which were in the area during the ice age. It is a popular destination for people who enjoy water sports.

位于Bavaria 地区的Ammersee 湖是德国第六大湖,大概有50平方公里。这个湖是因为冰河时代大冰川的融化而形成的。 如今这里是许多水上运动爱好者的理想目的地。


当你 take a leap of faith, 这就意味着你对一件事情有信心,准备搏一搏,虽然这是属于比较冒险的行为。


I took a leap of faith by buying shares in my friend’s new company.

I’ve been offered a new job but I really don’t know what it will be like. It’s a real leap of faith.

I think I’ll have perm. It’s a leap of faith but I hope it looks OK.


如果一件事情是 done in good faith,这就是说人们相信做完了这件事将会有好的结果。

I came in good faith and offered to help but they were very rude to me.


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