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To bite off more than you can chew 不自量力

A crocodile eats meat in a pond in San Manuel. Photo: Orlando Sierra/AFP


Each crocodile has 24 teeth in its powerful jaws, which are constantly replaced throughout its life. However, these teeth are designed to grab and crush prey, rather than chew it. The reptiles swallow stones, which grind up food in their stomachs.

每条鳄鱼在它强有力的下颚内都藏着24颗牙齿。这些牙齿在其整个生命中不断更新。然而, 这些牙齿完全是用来扑捉和粉碎猎物的,不是用来咀嚼的。这种爬行动物往往吞石下肚,然后靠这些石头来帮助磨碎胃中食物。


如果说你 bite off more than you can chew, 意思就是你不自量力,承担超过自己所能胜任的事情。


I have bitten off more than I can chew by taking on this extra work – I don't think I'll get it finished on time.

David and Sarah planned to completely renovate their house by themselves. In the end, they bit off more than they could chew and had to pay builders to finish it.

Thanks for offering to babysit AND cook dinner for us, but don't bite off more than you can chew.


英语中的另一个同鳄鱼相关的短语是crocodile tears 相当于汉语中的鳄鱼眼泪,假慈悲。

Louise is crying in the corner because she says the boss upset her – don't pay any attention to her, though – they're just crocodile tears.


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