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Big cheese 重要人物

West Country farmer Richard Calver from Westcombe Dairy in Somerset with Reward the cow and a large piece of cheese, reflected in a puddle near the London Eye in central London. PA Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth


In Britain, around 600,000 tonnes of hard cheese is consumed every year - which is about 10kg per person per year or 27.4 grams per person per day (a piece of cheese the size of a matchbox). Continental Europeans eat almost twice as much cheese per person per day, mainly because breakfasts on the mainland often feature cheese.

英国人每年消耗大约 60 万吨的硬奶酪,人均消耗 一年10 公斤或每人每天 27.4 克(体积类似火柴盒大小)。 欧洲其他国家的人比英国人更能吃奶酪,每人每天吃的奶酪几乎是英国人的两倍,这主要是因为奶酪是欧式早餐中重要的一部分。


在企业里,中心领导往往被称为 big cheese, 字面意思是大奶酪,所以这是一个非常口语化的称呼,最好别在领导面前提起。


If you want to get anything done here, you need to speak to the big cheese.

Since he became the big cheese he doesn't have time for us anymore.


另一个包含cheese 的短语是 like chalk and cheese, 就像粉笔和奶酪,往往用于形容两个人的个性或面貌截然不同。

My two children are like chalk and cheese – one is tall with fair hair and blue eyes and the other is short with dark hair and dark eyes.

Me and my brother are like chalk and cheese – I'm really shy and quiet and he's really talkative and sociable.


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