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1. Fast food is very popular in the UK. What fast food item is being described here?
Slices of flame-cooked lamb served in a pitta bread with chilli sauce and salad.

a) Burrito

b) Kebab

c) Pizza

d) Cheeseburger

2. Many people in the UK are vegetarians. Which dish below is NOT vegetarian?

a) Veggie burger

b) Steak tartare

c) Nut cutlet

d) Cauliflower cheese

3. Which phrase would you NOT expect to hear from a waiter in a restaurant?

a) Are you ready to order?

b) Would you like fries or salad with that?

c) Can I get you some drinks before you order?

d) You can get ketchup and napkins over there.

4. What is the following diner complaining about to the waiter?
“Excuse me, my steak is underdone. I asked for medium and this is rare.”

a) The diner’s food has not been cooked enough for their liking.

b) The waiter has brought the wrong dish.

c) The waiter has taken a very long time to bring the food.

d) The waiter has brought food that has gone cold.

5. Which word is a synonym for ‘service charge’?

a) A bill

b) A discount voucher

c) A tip

d) A check

6. In the UK we often share the payment for a meal at a restaurant. Which phrase is NOT a suggestion to share the payment?

a) Let’s go Dutch.

b) Shall we split the bill?

c) Why don’t we go 50-50?

d) This is on me.


1) b, 2) b, 3) d, 4) a, 5) c, 6) d.


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