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US goals for cyberspace a new frontier

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The United States' move to gain military supremacy in cyber space may trigger a new arms race, observers said.

"It has already had the lead in conventional military and nuclear forces. Now it is expanding this advantage to be the leading force in new fields, such as electromagnetic space and outer space," said a Beijing-based strategist.

One week ago, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced the inception of the world's first comprehensive, multi-service military cyber operation, called US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM).

The announcement came only a few days after President Barack Obama laid out his National Security Strategy, stressing for the first time in such a document the importance of cyber security as one of the core national security interests.

As early as 2005, the Pentagon recognized that cyber space was as important as land, ocean, air and outer space in the US National Defense Strategy, considering challenges in cyber space a "disruptive challenge", and saying they could "seriously endanger" US national security.

"The Department of Defense requires a command that possesses the required technical capability and remains focused on the integration of cyberspace operations," Gates wrote in his order to build such a command in 2009.

States other than the US have already been planning mechanisms to guard national cyber security, including Britain, France, Russia, the Republic of Korea and Israel, which already has a military cyber force.

The potential enemy that CYBERCOM will fight has not yet been clearly identified.

"Our ability to predict where the threats are coming (from), even in conventional threats, is remarkably poor," said Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III.

"I think we need to be prepared for the unexpected," he added.


1. What is the name of the US defense secretary?

2. What is the name of the cyber operation?

3. Name another country that has already planned cyber security.


1. Robert Gates.

2. US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM).

3. Britain, France, Russia, the Republic of Korea and Israel.


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US goals for cyberspace a new frontier

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US goals for cyberspace a new frontier

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