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News of the World closes after 168 years

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Declaring "Thank you & goodbye" on its front page, the last edition of the News of the World hit newsstands on Sunday, as the United Kingdom's best-selling Sunday newspaper shut down in the face of a phone-hacking scandal.

Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corp business owns the News of the World's publisher News International, arrived in London on Sunday morning to take charge of handling the crisis.

He went straight to the paper's offices in Wapping, east London, the BBC reported.

"After 168 years, we finally say a sad but very proud farewell to our 7.5 million loyal readers," the paper said on its last cover.

In a full-page editorial the paper offered an apology. It said: "Quite simply, we lost our way."

"Phones were hacked, and for that this newspaper is truly sorry," it said.

"There is no justification for this appalling wrongdoing."

The decision to close the News of the World followed accusations that it illegally eavesdropped on the phone messages of murder and terrorist victims, politicians and celebrities, and claims it may have bribed police officers.

British police said on Thursday they had identified almost 4,000 potential targets of hacking.

The paper welcomed British Prime Minister David Cameron's call for two different inquiries, one into how police investigated the allegations of phone hacking, and another into media ethics and standards.

It also published a montage of recent front pages, and a reproduction of its first front page in 1843.

According to the BBC, Labour leader Ed Miliband reiterated his calls to delay News Corp's planned takeover of UK satellite broadcaster BSkyB until the investigation is completed.

Miliband has tabled a motion in the House of Commons calling for that delay.

Analysts noted that Murdoch would be eager to limit the damage to News Corp's bid to take over BSkyB.

The UK's mainstream media all covered the news and the phone-hacking probe on their front pages.

The Guardian's weekend edition used more than 10 pages to reveal details and developments in the scandal.

"We do not celebrate the passing of the News of the World. At its best, it was one of the finest newspapers in Britain, with an astonishing record of scoops and entertainment," the Independent on Sunday said.

"And no one, least of all the staff of another Sunday newspaper, should take pleasure in the sacking of fellow journalists, few of whom were responsible for the excesses that brought the title down," it said.

British people are divided on the paper's closure. "The paper deserved it," said a 40-year-old woman named Alice, adding that she never read the News of the World.

But for loyal readers of the paper, it was hard to say goodbye. "I have read this paper for decades," said a 62-year-old man.

"The closure of the paper was unnecessary," he added.

"The News of the World is the best-selling one among all the newspapers in my shop. I can sell about 25 copies every Sunday," said shopkeeper Patel Kiran.

"It's a pity that this is the last edition," Kiran said.


1) What is the name of News of the World’s mother company?

2) How many ‘loyal readers’ did the paper claim on its last cover?

3) What year was the first News of the World published?


1) News Corp.

2) 7.5 million

3) 1843

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News of the World closes after 168 years

News of the World closes after 168 years

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