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Giant duck to exit after drawing crowds

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The 18-meter rubber duck on display in Beijing since September has lured increasing numbers of visitors to the capital from around the country.

The creation of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman will bid farewell to the capital from Kunming Lake at Summer Palace on Sunday.

Li Linji, deputy head of the palace, one of two parks where the duck has been displayed in the city, said on Thursday it has clearly increased the number of visitors from around China.

More than 666,000 people flocked to Summer Palace during the seven-day National Day holiday starting on Oct 1, with admission ticket sales exceeding 20 million yuan ($3.3 million), Li said.

About 133,000 visitors flocked to the venue on Oct 4 alone.

"It's been very popular in Beijing," Hofman said at a news conference, adding that the duck reminds people of childhood and happiness.

It made its debut in the city on Sept 6 at the International Garden Expo Park before moving to Summer Palace on Sept 23.

The Rubber Duck exhibition was part of activities heralding Beijing Design Week, which ran from Sept 26 to Oct 3.

Before arriving in Beijing, the giant duck was on display in 13 cities in nine countries.

Data from the Beijing Design Week organizing committee show that 30,000 small rubber ducks sold out during the National Day holiday.

The committee has come up with an additional 20,000 that are expected to sell out before their giant counterpart leaves Beijing.

Imitations of the giant duck have also been on sale in parks and online.

Before the duck arrived in the city, a replica wearing a green vest and accompanied by seven inflated duck eggs appeared in the city's Yuyuantan Park.

Cities including Hangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenyang and Wuxi have also reported the appearance of imitation duck products since May.

"It's an honor that your work is copied, but it's also a shame that people take advantage of your success for their benefit," Hofman said.

"If you really want to help China progress and give a boost to your country, you should never copy things but come up with fresh ideas yourself."


1. How big is the rubber duck on display in Beijing since September?

2. When will it leave Beijing?

3. Who created the duck?


1. 18 meters tall.

2. It will bid farewell to the capital from Summer Palace on Sunday.

3. Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

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Giant duck to exit after drawing crowds

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Giant duck to exit after drawing crowds

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