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Protecting farmers from callous frauds

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Protecting farmers from callous fraudsTo boost commercial consumption in rural areas during the economic slowdown, the central government is encouraging makers of home appliances to promote sales of their products in the countryside.

Under it, the government subsidizes 13 percent of the retail price of much needed household items for rural buyers.

Farmers have welcomed the scheme, which translates as "home appliances going to the countryside", and early indications point to its success.

At a press conference held during the annual session of the National People's Congress last month, Li Yizhong, minister of industry and information science, said the project had spurred business for makers of electronic products, home appliances, steel and chemical products.

But frauds always emerge as a fly in the ointment.

Protecting farmers from callous frauds

To date, they have falsely sold fake TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators and air-conditioners to farmers in the name of the scheme.

These electrical appliances have been revamped from used machines collected in cities as garbage.

Dodgy manufacturers have used second-hand machines' circuitry and replaced the shell with a fresh one to make the product appear new.

And the logos they use look very much like famous brands.

For example, some fakes have been branded TGL to look like TCL, a famous TV brand.

These fakes are sold at low prices but profits are still sizeable given the extremely low costs.

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