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English Language.....A Myth?

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During my 10 years of teaching English in China, I've been asked to give an advice on how to improve English on many occasions. I wish to use China Daily-Language Tips as a platform to share a few useful tips for the benefit of English learners. I will discuss very basic, simple but effective means to acquire this language. I am sure these small changes in learning habits will bring big results over a period of time.

First of all, learning any language demands full attention, motivation, focus and most important of all, consistency. Consistency is the name of the game. It definitely brings out the desired results. The first step to plunge into the ocean of English is to observe and listen hard. Observing a situation and listening to what is said over a longer period of time does improve our understanding of the language. Remember, there is No short-cut to learning. It's all about incessant efforts.

We've got to follow a proper sequence of English learning skills. That sequence is ; observing, listening attentively to the native speakers, repeating( speaking the way we hear a phrase spoken) and later comes reading and writing. Keep this in mind please, 'before you can say something well, your ears MUST be able to hear it well.' So, focus on pronunciation, intonation, accent and practise it. Practice is the name of the game. Once you practise a phrase well, it will come up on its own the next time you need to use it.

Here is an interesting example for you to better understand what I have said in the previous paragraph;

Native speakers shorten and link sounds. That makes it harder for non-natives to grasp the meanings. The phrase ' He works as an engineer' sounds like, ' He work sazan engineer.' Notice the vowel sounds get mixed with one another when the sentence is spoken. Similarly, I want to eat an apple is heard as ' I wanna eat a napple.' Speaking is different from reading. Speaking is only acquired by listening. So, follow the sequence of learning skills. Otherwise, we end up speaking like reading a book.

Reading enhances our writing skills, creativity and imagination. But...when we try to learn how to speak by memorizing those ready-made phrases written in many books, we tend to lose the natural tone and sound of the language and we sound like we're reading a book and not speaking. So, Please avoid this practice.

'We don't have English speaking environment' is a common place excuse among many students in China. I would call it an excuse in today's world of technological miracles. The god of technology has made most of the information, resources, gadgets and tools accessible to us. Most of the help is right there, just a click away!

If you search, you WILL find. Finding is reserved only for those who search. English corners are held in most schools, universities, and many times at restaurants and cafe's. I've been to many such places and found that very interesthing where the curious ones get to learn a lot of things which are not written in the books.Find out in your area where this activity is happening. Avail this opportunity and enjoy the music of English language. As I said, 'If you seek, you shall find.'

Happy learning!

Students are welcome to contact me at rizteacher@yahoo.com for further guidance. I will be pleased to answer their questions.

English Language.....A Myth?

About the author:

English Language.....A Myth?

Riz Qamar is an English teacher in China. He was born and raised in India, grew up in a tiny wee village. He graduated in English Literature and Education as major subjects and became a teacher.