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Movies as a learning source?

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Do Englsh movies help us improve English language skills? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘No’. Well, it depends on multiple factors. Movies are basically made for entertainment purposes. Of course there are excellent historical flicks out there furnishing our knowledge with scientific research and technology which transfer a huge amount of information to us. But….again, the sole purpose is entertainment.

It is extremely useful to’live’ in the environment of that language which you intend to master. Movies can help to some extent but not as the main source. of acquiring English. I am going to suggest you a few helpful tips on how you can use movies for learning purpose.

‘Interest’ is the key word here. I believe, as the students of English language, you should be interested in movies which have a good plot, characterization, more dialogues and less action, and perhaps a little bit of romance. Pick a movie with such characteristics in order to learn English language.

Watch movies with only English subtitles on and turn off the ‘Chinese subtitles’ option. In fact subtitles hinder our listening and we end up only’ reading’ the movie and not watching it. Try to focus on the dialogues and delivery plus body movements of the actors. Again , avoid turning on the Chinese subtitles because it will make you think in Chinese and translate that into English. Your intention is to speak directly and not by translating.

It’s exteremely useful to video yourself and compare your accent, intonation and delivery with the characters. If you watch yourself on the screen , you will become your own critic and be able to judge the level of your quality of speaking. Of course it requires patience, and consistency. I’d recommend this exercise twice a week. If you watch one movie again and again, you will notice that you are able to remember a few dialogues with a little effort. Over a period of six months, your vocabulary, pronunciation and listening will improve and keep improving as you continue this exercise. You won’t be needing subtitles after a few months. It’s a slow method, yet useful.. Try it!

As a last piece of advice, stay away from the movies full of violence, killing, bloodshed and ‘Those movies’. Watching them can damage your thoughts and personality. We want to be good people and remain good, don’t we?


Riz Teacher.


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Movies as a learning source?

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Movies as a learning source?

Riz Qamar is an English teacher in China. He was born and raised in India, grew up in a tiny wee village. He graduated in English Literature and Education as major subjects and became a teacher.