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新年十大爱情决心 每天要说“我爱你”
Ten Romantic New Year's Resolutions to Improve Your Relationship
[ 2008-01-03 10:10 ]

Why not set a few romantic resolutions?

RomanceStuck.com,an online resource for romance and relationships, offers 10 New Year's resolutions for improving your relationship in 2008. Resolutions are usually about improving yourself as an individual. They're not often geared towards improving your relationship. This year, why not set a few romantic resolutions?

10 Romantic New Year's Resolutions to Improve your Relationship:

1. Set a monthly 'date night' and stick to it. Even if it's just dinner and a movie or a candle-lit dinner together at home, resolve to make time for each other this year.

2. Say "I Love You" every single day. These three small words carry so much meaning, yet they're never said often enough. Make sure that your partner knows you love and appreciate them every single day.

3. Put your love in writing. Nothing gives you warm fuzzies of love like receiving a simple love note or a passionate love letter. Vow this year to put pen to paper and write your sweetie love notes, love poems, and love letters.

4. Bring back the spontaneity in your relationship! Try sending her flowers "just because". Buy him 2 tickets to a game of his favorite sport -- and go with him! Vow to surprise your partner at least once a month.

5. Get away from it all with a weekend get-away. Head to a cabin in the mountains or a relaxing spa. It doesn't really matter where you go, as long as you go together and leave the interruptions behind.

6. Show your love each and every day. Give your partner compliments, hold hands, open doors, and engage in public displays of affection. It's the little things you do to show your love that always mean the most.

7. Shake up your romantic life with a little creativity. Create your own love coupon book with one coupon for your partner to redeem each week of the year. These little coupons can be as romantic, sexy, or practical as you want.

8. Have fun together! Take up a new hobby together this year. Join a softball team together, take cooking lessons, golf lessons, or dancing lessons. You'll not only learn something new, but you'll have fun with your partner at the same time!

9. Don't forget the little things. Make him lunch. Paint her toenails. Wash and wax his car. Do her weekly chores. It's the most practical way to show your love!

10. Get to know your partner better. Whether you're dating, just married, or celebrating your 25th anniversary, there is always more to learn about your partner -- and you can have fun doing it!










5. 周末“胜利大逃亡”,远离一切烦恼。一起去山中度假村过周末,或者来个SPA(水疗)放松一下。其实去哪里并不重要,只要两个人一起去,把一切烦恼抛在脑后!

6. 每天向对方表达你的爱。比如:赞美、牵手、给爱人开门,公开表达爱意等。小事最能见真情。


8. 一起找乐子!今年要培养一项共同的新爱好。比如:一起加入垒球队,一起上烹饪课、高尔夫课或舞蹈课。不仅能学到新东西,还能与爱人一起分享快乐。


10. 更深入地了解对方。无论你正在“拍拖”,新婚,还是结婚很多年,你总能发现还有不了解对方的地方——在了解对方的过程中也能得到很多乐趣。




get away from it all:(以度假方式)远离闹市生活或现代生活中的种种烦恼等

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  新年十大爱情决心 每天要说“我爱你”