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Olympic closing ceremony 'includes Muse and Michael'

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伦敦奥运会闭幕式将于当地时间本周日晚上九点在奥林匹克体育馆开始,届时将有8万现场观众和9亿全球观众观赏这一盛典。虽然伦敦奥组委一直对闭幕式的内容严格保密,但仍有不少参演人员通过社交网站透露了一些内幕。据悉,本次奥运会闭幕式名为“英国音乐交响曲”,表演曲目将横跨不同音乐领域,“从埃尔加到阿黛尔”均有涉及。据坊间传闻和歌手们的微博信息显示,为本届奥运会演唱官方主题曲的缪斯乐队、著名音乐人乔治•迈克、The Who乐队、接招合唱团(Take That),以及疯狂乐队(Madness)均有可能参与闭幕式演出,连辣妹组合(Spice Girls)也有可能在此次演出中重聚。闭幕式中,除各国棋手外,所有运动员将不分国别同时出场,以此体现奥运会将世界各地的人们汇聚在一起。



 Muse, who performed the official track for the Olympics, told NME magazine they would be involved in Olympic closing ceremony.

London 2012 officials are keen to keep secret details of Sunday's Olympic closing ceremony, refusing to confirm announcements from Muse and George Michael that they will take part.

Former Wham! singer Michael announced his involvement on Twitter.

Muse, who performed the official track for the Olympics, told NME magazine they would be involved.

"We want to keep everything a secret, as with the opening ceremony," said a Locog spokesman.

"There's been rumors bandied about, particularly in the last 48 hours."

The ceremony, which begins at 2100 BST on Sunday, is likely to be watched by a capacity 80,000 crowd at the Olympic Stadium, with a global TV audience that could match the estimated 900m who watched the opening of the Games.

It will be called "A Symphony of British Music" and artistic director Kim Gavin said months ago the program would span music from "Elgar to Adele".

Michael tweeted on Tuesday: "Spending most of the next week rehearsing like crazy for the Olympic closing ceremony...

"Obviously a bit nervous not having played for nearly a year, but rehearsals sounding great so far!"

Singer Ed Sheeran told Australian radio recently that he was down to sing with Pink Floyd, prompting a swift denial from the band.

The Who, Madness, Take That and the Spice Girls are all rumored to be taking part.

The closing ceremony cast will be mainly made up of more than 4,000 local volunteers including around 400 children.

It will include a procession of the participating nations' flagbearers, followed by athletes appearing together rather than divided by nationality, symbolizing how the Games bring the world together.

Three flags - Greece, host nation Great Britain and Brazil, which holds the 2016 Olympics - will be raised and International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge will declare the London 2012 Olympic Games closed.

At the end of the ceremony the Olympic flame, which has been burning in the stadium since the Games opened on 27 July, is extinguished.




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