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Full text of Hu's report at 18th Party Congress

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We are striving for the great renewal of the Chinese nation along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics - this is what countless patriots and revolutionary martyrs yearned for. Through protracted and arduous struggle, our Party has, relying closely on the people and making the utmost sacrifice, made epic accomplishments. Our Party brought an end to, once and for all, the misery of old China, a poor and weak country that had suffered from both domestic turmoil and foreign aggression in modern times, and launched the Chinese nation's irreversible historic march to development and great renewal. It has thus enabled the Chinese nation, which has a civilization of over 5,000 years, to stand rock-firm with a completely new image in the family of nations. Shouldering heavier responsibilities and tasks on our new journey forward, we must become firmer in our conviction and make more determined efforts to accomplish the three historic tasks of advancing modernization, reunifying the country, and upholding world peace and promoting common development.


To live up to the people's trust in and expectation of us and stand new tests under new historical conditions, the whole Party must be keenly aware of potential dangers, be modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, and remain clear-headed. We must be innovative in our thinking, uphold truth and correct mistakes, and always maintain energy and drive. We must uphold the fundamental purpose of the Party, trust and rely on the people, and always put them above everything else. We must heighten our sense of mission, be realistic and pragmatic, defy difficulties and work hard, and preserve the political integrity of Communists.


The cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics holds great promise for the future, and its success hinges on continuous hard work of generations of young people with aspirations. The whole Party should care about young people, learn about what they have in mind, encourage their growth and support them in pursuing careers in an entrepreneurial spirit. Young people should respond to the Party's call, foster a correct worldview, outlook on life and sense of values and always cherish deep love for our great country, our great people and our great nation. Let their youthful vigor shine with radiance as they endeavor to advance the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


The success of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics cannot be achieved without the concerted efforts of all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation. Our common cause depends on unity, and our strength lies in unity. All Party members should improve their Party spirit so as to ensure unity, promote unity through pursuing our common cause, willingly uphold the unity of the whole Party, strengthen the unity of the people of all ethnic groups in China and the unity of all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, both here in the country and overseas, and promote the great unity of the Chinese people with the peoples of other countries.


Let us hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, rally more closely around the Party Central Committee, strive to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, continue to win new victories for socialism with Chinese characteristics, and make joint efforts to create an even brighter future for the Chinese people and nation.





(来源:新华社  编辑:Julie)

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