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Did the magic power of seven kill off the Curse of Cameron?

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Some feared Andy Murray would be scuppered by the ‘curse of Cameron’ – but it may have been lucky number seven that sent him into seventh heaven.

Some feared Andy Murray would be scuppered by the ‘curse of Cameron’ – but it may have been lucky number seven that sent him into seventh heaven.

For superstitious tennis fans were quick to observe that his victory in the men’s final at Wimbledon came 77 years after a Briton last secured the title, with Fred Perry’s success in 1936.

Yesterday was of course the seventh day of the seventh month.

And keen observers will have noted that Murray broke Novak Djokovic’s serve in the seventh game of every set.

Those who pooh-pooh the concept of the lucky number might be swayed by the fact that while Murray and Djokovic are both 26, our Scottish hero was born seven days before yesterday’s loser.

And surely only hardened cynics would ignore the fact that Britain’s last singles title winner, Virginia Wade, had her moment of glory in 1977.

Belief that seven is a lucky number goes back centuries – while the ‘curse of Cameron’ had only gained credence in recent months.

The Prime Minister had been accused of being a bad omen after his hopes of victory heralded failure for sports stars including female tennis player Laura Robson, cyclist Mark Cavendish and diver Tom Daley.

He sent his best wishes to British number one Laura Robson, 19, shortly before her fourth-round exit last week.

But Mr Cameron defied those begging him to stay away from this year’s final by sitting in the Royal Box at Centre Court and clapping enthusiastically at every point Murray won.

Before the match Mr Cameron said: ‘I think the whole country has been incredibly impressed, not just with his skill but with his courage and his mental courage in coming through to the final yet again.

‘The whole country is right behind you Andy – go for it.’

Murray had defended Mr Cameron’s good luck messages and seemed unperturbed by the ‘Jonah’ Premier being present.

(Source: Mail Online)



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