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英设计出不锈钢高跟鞋 据称可保质千年
World's first everlasting stilettos come with a THOUSAND year guarantee

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英设计出不锈钢高跟鞋 据称可保质千年


It's a sad day for any woman when she finally has to admit her favourite heels are simply worn out.

But having to bin your trusty shoes could become a thing of the past if the latest footwear invention takes off.

That's because a shoe designer has a launched a pair of stainless steel high heels which come with a one thousand-year guarantee.

The everlasting stilettos have been created by 48-year-old designer Chris Shellis, from Birmingham and he claims they are the world's most comfortable heels- despite being made from the same metal as knives and forks.

The shoes have been made out of tough stainless steel and solid silver but have been lined with permanent silicon liners, and made to flex to accommodate the foot.

The Borgezie Riviera stilettos have a staggering £1,000 price tag but Chris claims they are an investment for the future.

He explained: 'They simply cannot age or deteriorate in any way or form.'

The shoes come with a lifetime supply of heart-shaped soles and heels which are the only components which need replacing, and Chris is so sure of their longevity they come with a 1,000 year guarantee.

Chris said: 'I wanted to make something iconic that would be in the reach of the average woman.

'They're a good investment - women could even hand them down to their granddaughters. I know what women go through wearing heels.

'They take them off and have bunions and blisters everywhere.

'These shoes are comfy without compromising on looks.

'I've had models wearing them for 10 hours a day up and down the catwalk - there's no real pressure points.'

Chris took two years to finish the design for the everlasting shoes, but is pleased with the final result.

He said: 'It was a really tough process because you have to consider the orthopaedic qualities as well as the fashion statement.

'I wanted them be a work of iconic art that can be worn and enjoyed for life.

'With the removable sole and heel, these shoes really will last forever.

But Chris does advise treating the shoes with a little more tlc than your average pair, adding:

'The only essential maintenance is to have a shower or bubble bath in them.'

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