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披萨自动贩卖机问世 3分钟可快速烤制喷香披萨
Vending machine that rustles up a fresh pie in just THREE minutes

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披萨自动贩卖机问世 3分钟可快速烤制喷香披萨


A pizza vending machine takes convenience food to a whole new level, delivering fresh pies to customers in just three minutes 24/7.

The Let's Pizza unit invented by Claudio Torghele, an entrepreneur from Rovereto, Italy, mixes flour and water together and presses the dough flat to create a 10.5 inch base.

Desired toppings are then added and the meal is flash-cooked in a high temperature infrared oven at 380 degrees Celsius.

While the baking process is underway, a takeaway box is prepared.

The finished pie is then placed in the cardboard container and delivered through a slot.

As they wait for their meal, customers can watch it come together through a glass viewing panel.

The Let's Pizza machine has enough flour and tomato for 100 pizzas before it requires re-filling.

It also carries a mix of vacuum-packed ingredients, with four recipe options to choose from including classic margherita, salami, prosciutto, and speck.

And so the pizza can be eaten fresh, a pizza cutter, oregano and napkins are provided at extra cost.

The inventory is computer controlled, but a real person is required to clean the machine daily.

The suggested retail price per pizza is $5.95.

The Let's Pizza machine was unveiled by Mr Torghele in 2009 but has been slow to catch on.

The downside is that it is each one is the size of nearly three average vending machines.

It also retails for more than ten times the amount, at $32,000.


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