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Never-before-seen pictures of world's oldest Bond girl Monica Bellucci

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Stunning: Monica Bellucci styled at 18-years-old by Piero Montanucci, the hairdresser who discovered her

Pouting into the camera with all the assurance of a teenage bombshell, these exclusive pictures show a teenage Monica Bellucci in some of her earliest shoots.

十几岁的莫妮卡对着镜头双唇微翘,这些早期的独家照片显露着莫妮卡·贝鲁奇(Monica Bellucci)青春期的迷人。


Taken an incredible 32 years before she was selected, aged 50, from among the world's most beautiful women, as the latest Bond girl - these images show how the remarkable Italian actress has remained virtually unchanged by time.



The raven-haired beauty will become officially the oldest-ever Bond girl when she appears in the new 007 film Spectre opposite Daniel Craig next year.

莫妮卡有着一头乌黑发亮的秀发,她和丹尼尔·克雷格(Daniel Craig)联袂出演的最新007电影《幽灵》(Spectre)明年上映,届时,她将正式成为史上最高龄邦女郎。


'Just look at her lips,' her father Pasquale Bellucci insists, as he opens the family archive for MailOnline.

应《每日邮报》之邀,莫妮卡的父亲帕斯夸里·贝鲁奇(Pasquale Bellucci)述说家族史时强调道:“看看她的唇”。


'Everyone says she has had work done. But here is the proof. Her lips really were that full even at the very beginning. She's completely natural.'



Her father, who ran his own lorry company before he retired, and her mother, a housewife, couldn't be prouder of their only child, who found fame on the catwalk before posing nude in Vanity Fair and starring in dozens of films including Bram Stoker's Dracula and Mel Gibson's The Passion.

莫妮卡·贝鲁奇最初走T台成名,而后在时尚杂志《名利场》(Vanity Fair)中裸身出镜,并出演众多影片,如布莱姆·斯托克(Bram Stoker)的《惊情四百年》(Dracula)和梅尔·吉普森(Mel Gibson)的《耶稣受难记》(The Passion)前在就在。莫妮卡的父亲退休前经营着一家火车运输公司,母亲是一名家庭主妇。她对他们唯一的孩子感到难以言表的骄傲。


The supermodel's pictures - which Mr Bellucci insists have not been seen before - hang everywhere in the family home in the village of Selci Lama near Citta del Castello, Umbria where she grew up 'surrounded by love'. Stacks of VHS tapes of her interviews from all over the world stand next to the TV.

莫妮卡在“爱的包围中”长大,她的老家在距离翁布里亚卡斯得洛城不远的塞尔西·利马(Selci Lama)村,家中挂满了这位超级名模的照片。她的父亲称这些照片从未公诸于世。电视机旁还摆放着许许多多的录像带,收集了她在世界各地的采访。


'It's lucky we never had another child. They would probably have been jealous of Monica', her mother Brunella laughs.



But despite her breathtaking beauty as an adult, the sex siren wasn't a cute baby or toddler. 'She was so ugly', Pasquale says, pealing into laughter as they bring out 'Monica's first nude' aged 4 months.



Until she was a teenager they even kept her hair short like a boy, as her father had a theory that it would make it stronger and thicker in the long run. 'That's why she still has that long beautiful black hair today,' he insists.



But by 12 it was clear that she was exceptional -- she had an early instinct for fashion and already wore high heels, makeup and a chic turban to cover her short curly hair.



Her beauty was utterly captivating even then. Complete strangers propositioned her with offers of millions of lira and a new life abroad, friends say.


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