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Cat-filled Tokyo office creates the purr-fect working environment

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When you live in a cramped city like Tokyo, owning a pet is a luxury many people cannot afford. Apartments usually come with strict no-pets policies, and the only way Tokyo dwellers have been able to get their pet-fix is by visiting cat cafes. Sure, it’s nice to sip on a delicious drink while petting a purring kitty, but you can’t stay there forever. What are you supposed to do during those other, horrible cat-less hours of the day?



One company in Japan has come up with a solution. They’re bringing the soothing cat cafe experience to the office by filling their workplace with adorable cats.



The cat-populated workplace is the brainchild of Ferray Corporation, an internet solutions business which mainly deals with webpage construction, application development, and other IT work. The company own nine loveable rescue cats that are allowed to roam the office on a daily basis, sleeping, causing adorable trouble as cats will, and just generally being cute little balls of stress-relief.



Here’s all nine of the cats.




Of course, the cats can be little pranksters sometimes too. Apparently they accidentally switch off computers, chew on LAN cables, scratch the walls, tear up papers, and of course mess up code by walking across keyboards. When clients come over, the cats have a bad habit of exploring their bags by falling inside them, and sleeping right on top of meeting tables.




Still, the employees have said that despite some minor annoyances, the cats have been an enormous net positive. Officecommunication has increased dramatically, since the cats are a topic that brings employees together, and also lower everyone’s stress. It’s basically just impossible to be upset when there’s a cat just hanging out nearby you, chewing on a toy or chasing a laser.



And the company’s pro-pet policies don’t just end with the nine cats. Every day is Bring Your Pet to Work Day, as employees are encouraged to bring their own pets with them to the office. If they don’t have a pet of their own, then the company pays out a 5,000 yen (US$42) per month “cat bonus” to anyone who adopts a cat in need of a home.



As crazy as it may sound, Ferray isn’t alone in its pet policies. Another company that specializes in pet supplies, Mars Japan Limited, also encourages its employees to bring their pets to work. Other companies offer benefits such as treating the death of employees’ pets the same as the death of a family member, giving them time off, condolence pay, and covering funeral services.




cramped: 拥挤的,促狭的

afford: 承担得起

dwellers: 居住者

brainchild: 智慧结晶,(属于个人或集体的)创见

roam: 闲逛,漫游

prankster: 搞恶作剧者,顽皮的人

scratch: 挠,抓

condolence pay: 慰问金

funeral service: 殡葬服务


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