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Vent Out Your Anger At Workplace With The Help Of Memo

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Are you not at ease at your workplace as your co-worker's attitude bothers you a lot? Then an app can actually help you to get rid of this problem all at once. You can just vent out your anger with the help of this app and your co-worker will not be able to come to know that it's you who has just ranted the feelings.





The messaging app is called Memo and it has been developed by Ryan Janssen from a company, Collectively. The app is aimed at working professionals only. Users first need to verify their affiliation with a company through their LinkedIn profile or office email ID. Then the memo boards can be used on the app by the companies. Users can post whatever they wish on the company group, without mentioning their name.

这款信息交流程序叫做“备忘录”(Memo),由Collectively公司的瑞安・杨森(Ryan Janssen)研发,目标用户是上班族群体。用户首先需通过领英(LinkedIn)个人资料或公司个人邮件账号验证其所属的公司。通过认证后就能够使 用Memo的公司备忘板。用户可以以匿名的方式在本公司的小组群中发布任何想说的内容。


The posts can be shared in public too but only the company where the user is working can check the posts. Janssen has admitted that the app has seen some negative feedback from some companies but the overall response is good enough. The app's privacy policy doesn't ensure that the user will not be identified anyhow but it cautions users “Don't be mean”. Memo app can be downloaded from the Apple app store.

发布的消息也可以公开分享,不过只有发布者所在公司的员工才能查看。杨森承认这款程序已经招来一些公司的负面评价,但是总体反响很好。虽然程序的隐私保护措施不能完全保证用户不会被认出来,但是它有告诫用户“不要太刻薄”。这款应用可以从苹果的App Store上下载。


The app is between the likes of Secret and Slack and it gives its users the power to make a company better by giving their valuable feedback. The app enables users to speak freely about the workplace anonymously. That's why several employers have pushed back the app for quite obvious reasons. Companies are not very likely to tolerate such an app for long time which allows employees taunt other employees with some malicious posts.

该款应用有点像“秘密”(Secret)和“偷闲”(Slack)这两款应用的结合体。它给用户为公司建言献策提供了一个平台。用户可以通过它畅所欲言,谈 自己对工作场所的想法。这也很好地解释了为什么一些雇主对这款应用冷眼以待。这样一款允许员工通过恶意发帖嘲讽同事的应用很难得到公司长期的包容。



get rid of: 摆脱

vent: 发泄感情

rant: 大声数落

verify: 验证

affiliation: 从属关系

anonymously: 匿名地

tolerate: 容忍

malicious: 恶意的


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