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Raw deal

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Raw deal

Lee Hannon

Reader's question: Old Mr. Green sure got a raw deal from that company where he'd worked for 30 years. When times got hard and they had to cut staff, they fired him with two weeks notice and only two weeks pay. Could you explain “raw deal”?

My comments:

A raw deal is an act, deal or situation that is unfair. Someone can get a raw deal, have a raw deal or give someone a raw deal.

Like paying 2,000 yuan for a used TV and then it stopped working a few days later and the seller won’t repay the money. That’s a raw deal. Or working 50 hours and only receiving pay for two hours when you believed you would be paid for 50. That’s a raw deal. There are lots of examples of a raw deal.

The phrase originated in the early 1900s and has been used since to describe any situation of injustice or wrongdoing.


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About the author:

Lee Hannon is a journalist at China Daily website with 15-years experience in print and broadcast journalism. Born in England, Lee has traveled extensively around the world as a journalist including four years as a senior editor in Los Angeles. He now lives in Beijing and is happy to move to China and join the China Daily team.