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This international composition, which has grown well beyond the original legacy, has made us the unusual test case of being the most international institution within a Chinese community on Chinese soil. In an increasingly globalised world, HKU also has a clear responsibility to further bridge China and the world, and to facilitate the process of internationalization of higher education in China.


Third, we cannot pretend that we are living in a stable and peaceful world. We face natural disasters almost everyday, energy shortages, global warming, emerging infectious diseases, recurring epidemics, man-made accidents, precarious economic crises, abrupt social turmoil and unwanted wars. We know that some of these are unavoidable, so we have to do our best to mitigate or learn to overcome their effects with our scientific knowledge and technological advancements. For the entirely avoidable ones, however, we have a responsibility to safeguard sustainable development, and to champion the restoration of human values.


In this respect, we have to thank HKU's founders for their wisdom in choosing the brilliant university motto "mingde gewu".


Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to switch to Chinese for a moment.


所以我们很感谢先贤给我们的校训–“明德”、“格物”;这个道理不只是适用于过去港大的一百年、或者是中华文化的五千年,在今天和将来的地球村更是意义重大。而我们校训的拉丁文版本(Sapientia et Virtus)也是从中文翻译过去的。

Ladies and gentlemen, I just explained the origin of our HKU motto, which came from the Chinese Classic Great Learning. Although it was beautifully translated into Latin: Sapientia et Virtus, meaning wisdom and virtue, in English, the translation could only capture part of the original essence.

各位来宾,刚才我用中文粗略解析港大校训内容,是源自“四书”中的《大学》,虽然译成优美的拉丁文Sapientia et Virtus,即英文的wisdom和virtue,但这个翻译也许仍未能完全捕捉原文的神髓。

In any case, it is in the context of wisdom and virtue that we celebrate our Centenary. The dimensions of "knowledge, heritage and service" represent the missions of our multiple roles to be a knowledge hub for learning and research, a cultural crossroads where East meets West and the past illuminates the future, and a service platform where the University nurtures global citizens and is itself nurtured by the community.


Amidst our festive celebrations, we could not help asking ourselves: What do we treasure? HKU is a community that cherishes openness, diversity and freedom, which have evolved into our core values. These values have made us a pluralistic and harmonious community of people from various backgrounds and diverse cultures. These same values have also liberated the intellectual potential among academics and students, and have hence unleashed the energies essential for sustaining and advancing a vibrant community of academic excellence.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the University of Hong Kong had modest beginnings. It has been the hard work of all members of the HKU Family, which includes our staff, students and alumni, and the unfailing support of both the Government and the community at large, especially our donors and partners who believe in our cause, that have brought us to where we are today in the international arena.


As the world continues to change, HKU will continue to evolve, and we are committed to keeping ourselves at the forefront of developments of humankind. We aim high, and tolerate no compromise in quality, ethics, social responsibility, and human values. We think globally, and position ourselves in the national context and the international arena. It will be our vision for excellence, our aspiration for freedom, our devotion to student learning. and, our commitment to society that will guide us through the next 100 years.


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to end my remarks with the following Chinese verse:




Thank you very much.







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