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Outstay one's welcome

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Outstay one's welcomeWhy don't you stay here for another two weeks?

I don't want to outstay my welcome.

My comments:

To outdo is to do more, go further and beyond.

For example, Asian economies have been outdoing Western economies for many years, statistically speaking at least.

Similarly, to outgrow your coat is to grow too big for that coat – got to buy a larger one or go on diet.

To outperform your opponent, for example, is to do better than your opponent on that particular occasion.

To outlive someone, then, is to live longer than them, etc and so forth.

To outstay your welcome?

Can you guess?

Yes, you as a guest do not want to stay in their house for too long lest you’re no longer welcome.

In other words, you don’t stay longer than they want you to.

All good graceful guests and their gracious hosts know that.

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