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Coats off

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Coats off甩开膀子干四化。
Coats off for our four modernizations.


My comments:

Coats off for our Four Modernizations?

This is not very difficult to get to grips with, actually, if you’re old enough to understand what the Four Modernizations are, or were.

Never mind. Let’s talk about “coats off”. If you participate in any physical labor, such as digging up holes for planting trees, you’ll be taking off your coat after a few minutes of hard working.

That’s assuming, of course, that you’re working hard and beginning to sweat profusely.

Hence, “coats off” implies that people are working hard on their job at hand.

Even when that job is one that’s as lofty and abstract as the so-called Four Modernizations, apparently.

Still, a good metaphor it is – especially when you actually heard the slogan – and quite often too – back in the day.

To wit, the late 1970s and early 1980s.

What about the Four Modernizations, then?

They are…. Oh, well, never mind.

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