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A breath of fresh air

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A breath of fresh airIn a city as large as Nanjing, the greenway is a breath of fresh air both literally and figuratively.

在南京这样大的城市里, 无论从字面上还是在日常生活中, 绿色通道都提供了新鲜空气。

is a breath of 有提供的意思吗?

My comments:

If you’ve been staying inside a stuffy room, a meeting room for instance full of smokers, and then you go out to the balcony, you’ll literally feel what a breath of fresh air feels like.

Yes, it’s like inhaling clean air for the first time in a long while, air that’s not stale, contaminated and smelly.

Figuratively speaking, one can feel what a breath of fresh air spiritually when one experiences something new, imaginative, relieving and very welcome.

After 2,000 years of feudalism, for example, the Chinese people embraced science and democracy in the early 20th century like a suffocating people longing for oxygen.

Science and democracy were a much needed breath of fresh air for us then. In fact, they are something we still need, and in large quantities, today.

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