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Yes men

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Yes men


They want others to read documents; the others read and they sleep; they criticize without looking at things; they criticize mistakes and blame people; they have nothing to do with mistakes; they do not discuss things; they push things aside and ignore it; they are yes men to those above them; they pretend to understand those below them, when they do not; they gesticulate; and they harbour disagreements with those on their same level.


My comments:

Yes men are people who, in short, say “Yes” all the time.

Understandably we are talking about people who are showing total obedience to their superiors, especially in government. Yes men are, in fact, everywhere but they do especially well in bureaucratic institutions where individual initiatives are less valued than fawning on those who have greater powers.

These people may be bullies to their own subordinates, but they always appear to agree with their superiors.

Again, in bureaucratic organizations, yes men may move faster up the ladder because a lot of people in positions of power like to surround themselves with these people.

Still, it takes a lot to be a yes man. Sometimes, for example, he has to conceal his real feelings towards the boss.

Make that often times.

Or always, perhaps.

I don’t know for certain, though. Apparently only yes men know, for sure.

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About the author:

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