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She's fair game!

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She's fair game!“She's always been a very, very pretty girl, and now suddenly that she turned 18, everyone's like "OK, now she's fair game! Paparazzi!" It is kind of creepy。

My comments:

Fair game is originally a hunting term. Game refers to all the animals and birds hunters are after. “Fair” here points to the fact that it’s legal. Fair game hence represents animals that may be legally hunted for according to rules and regulations.

Now that she’s turned 18, she’s considered an adult. Therefore, the beautiful girl is now the target of everyone.

Yes, everyone, be they worthy of her or not, a gentleman, a scoundrel or scum of the earth.

Therefore, as you can read from the tone of the passage, it’s not such a good thing for a pretty young woman to be “fair game”.

On the surface and in theory, it appears to be great to be pretty and popular. In reality, it ain’t necessarily so.

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