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Get your ducks in a row

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Get your ducks in a rowNo matter how long or short your speech is, you’ve got to get your ducks in a row—how you are going to open, what major points you want to make and how you’re going to close.

My comments:

In other words, you must get your point across by arranging your major speaking points in proper order.

The phrase “get your ducks in a row” is obviously inspired by observing the behavior of ducks in nature. The mother duck, when travelling with her young, always have them walk behind her in a straight line. One by one and one after another, the ducklings march out after their mom. The advantage of this is, I guess, if anyone strays from the line, the mother will easily notice.

In making a speech, same thing. Better have your points lined up and in proper sequence. That way you’ll sound clear and coherent.

Rather than meandering and, thus probably, losing your way.

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