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The Mail

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By Charlie Morgan

皇嘉 注

1. Parcel Overseas

Judy goes to the post office to mail a parcel back to China. She talks to the clerk at the counter.

Judy: Hi, I’d like to mail this parcel overseas, please.

Clerk: Would you like it airmail or surface mail?

Judy: How long would it take by surface mail, give or take?

Clerk: It should arrive there within 30 days, more or less.

Judy: In that case, airmail it is. It should get there ASAP. How much would that run me?

Clerk: Let me weigh it first. That comes to $40.

Judy: On second thoughts, I’ll go for surface mail. A month should be fine. I don’t want to pay more for shipping than the contents are worth!

2. Track the Mail...

Judy wishes to track her parcel, because it hasn’t arrived in China yet. She talks to a clerk at the post office.

Judy: Hello, I’d like to inquire concerning a parcel I mailed to China two months ago.

Clerk: Do you have a tracking number for it?

Judy: Yes, the number is 123456789. It was sent on February 1st.

Clerk: Did you try to track it online?

Judy: Yes, it said there’s no information. Could you look into it for me?

Clerk: According to this, it was sent, but we have no further info. I’ll investigate.

Judy: Thank you. It’s a very important parcel. I’m very concerned.

Clerk: Leave it to me. Get back to me tomorrow and I’ll have an update.

Judy: Okay, I’ve waited this long, I might as well wait another day!

3. Gifts Received!

Judy gets a parcel from her parents in China. She tells her friend Jill.

Judy: Hey, guess what, I just got a care package from my folks back home!

Jill: Great! What’s in it?

Judy: Well, they sent me some snacks. Here, I brought you some.

Jill: Thanks. Hey, I remember these cookies. I loved them when I was a little kid. They sure bring back memories! Do you still like them?

Judy: No, but I got nostalgic when I saw them, too. It takes me back. And, they sent me some clothes, but they’re all too big. They’re quite loose on me!

Jill: Maybe your folks forgot your size. Can you make them over?

Judy: Actually, I don’t think it was a mistake. I think it was a hint.

Jill: What, do they want you to gain weight?

Judy: They also sent my husband some special Chinese medicine. I think they’re still hoping for grandchildren!

Useful Key Vocabulary

Please fill in each blank with the correct form of a word or phrase given below:

bring back memories ● might as well ● should ● concerned ● concerning ● give or take

1. Teacher: I’d like to speak to you ___________ your son’s math. I’m a little _________ by it. He’s having trouble. I think he __________ work harder.

2. That old movie really _________________. I remember seeing it when I was 18, ______________.

3. I have no special plans after work, so I ______________ go home now.

4. Judy: Let’s meet for dinner.

Jill: Okay, it _________ take me an hour to get there. So, I’ll see you at 7.

5. Judy: I got in an accident with my husband’s car. I hate to tell him. How long can I wait?

Jill: You _______________ tell him now. He must know sometime, right? And, he’s a nice guy, he _________ be fine.


1. concerning; concerned; should

2. brought back memories; give or take

3. might as well

4. should

5. might as well; should


counter 柜台

surface mail (别于航空邮件的)水陆路邮件,平寄邮件

give or take 〈口〉(估计时间)相差不到……,出入至多……

ASAP 是as soon as possible的缩写形式,意思是“尽快”

run 花费

on second thoughts 进一步考虑后,继而一想

concern 涉及,有关于

look into 调查

info 〈口〉=information

concerned 挂念的,担心的

update 新的情况,新的信息

care package 〈美〉(为远离家庭的人寄送的)食品包裹

folk 〈口〉家属,双亲

snack 点心,小吃

cookie 饼干,曲奇

nostalgic 怀旧的

loose (衣服等)宽松的

make over 改做,重做