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马语者:英国皇家公主Zara Phillips
Zara Phillips

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安妮公主和丈夫Mark Phillips(也是一名世界级骑手),从一开始就希望他们的女儿可以远离王室的束缚和公众干扰,所以他们决定不给女儿公主的称号。但无论是否被叫做公主,Zara Philips都继承了父母的马术才能,并且青出于蓝。

马语者:英国皇家公主Zara Phillips

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Zara Phillips, born on 15 May 1981, is the second child and only daughter of Princess Anne. Daughter Zara follows in the footsteps of Britain’s great sportswoman and royal[1], Princess Anne.

Anne has always tried to show that she could go beyond the traditional role that members of the royal family are supposed to perform. She is generally recognised as the hardest working of the royal family—she is patron of over 220 organisations and carries out an average of two or three official engagements per day.[2] In addition to all of this, she is one of the UK’s most accomplished sportswomen, having won many honours in the equestrian event.[3]

Equestrian event involves several stages, each of which demonstrates mastery of a different type of horse riding. There are three main stages in eventing, not including the inspection stage in which a veterinarian[4] inspects the horse for general health. In the first stage, called dressage[5], the rider coaches the horse through an exact sequence of movements. Dressage is sometimes called ‘horse ballet’. The second and third stages, cross-country and show jumping, involve jumping over obstacles which are either natural (stone walls, streams) or artificially built.

Keen to free her daughter from the scrutiny and public attention that goes with being a royal, Anne and her husband Mark Phillips, also a world-class rider, decided not to give their children royal titles.[6] But princess or no, Zara Phillips continues the family legacy of equestrian success—she collected individual and team gold metals at the 2005 European Eventing Championships and individual gold and team silver metals at the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games. Zara is, of course, eyeing up 2012 (she will be riding with a different horse in future competitions), but in the meantime is keeping busy pushing the boundaries of a royal’s role. She has recently become the first member of the royal family to appear in an advertisement (for Land Rover[7]), and she will be the first to appear in a reality television show, a ballroom dancing competition show on the BBC.


1. royal: 〈口〉王室成员。

2. patron: 赞助者;carry out: 执行,履行;engagement: 约定。

3. accomplished: 有才华的,有造诣的;equestrian: 骑马的,骑术的。

4. veterinarian: 兽医。

5. dressage: 花式骑术比赛。

6. keen: 渴望的,热切的;scrutiny: 监视,监督。

7. Land Rover: 陆虎,是世界著名的英国越野车品牌。