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Can trees help climate change? 植树是否有助于应对气候变化?



Can trees help climate change? 植树是否有助于应对气候变化?


有关 “research(研究)” 的词汇


Why do experts mix the types of trees they plant?


A forest in Staffordshire (in the UK) transformed into a hi-tech laboratory. Researchers here are investigating how the trees use carbon, and it's difficult to find out. In an unusual experiment, extra carbon dioxide is piped to the trees, to create the kind of atmospheric conditions expected in the middle of the century. And instruments measure how the forest reacts.


The scientist in charge says there's still a lot to learn. And he worries that governments and companies are rushing to plant trees as an easy answer to climate change.


Professor Rob MacKenzie, University of Birmingham
If you try and use trees to tidy up the mess that we're making through emissions, you are putting those trees into a very rapidly changing climate and they will struggle to adapt.

罗伯·麦肯基教授     英国伯明翰大学

This device tracks the movement of carbon dioxide. In a healthy forest, the gas is not only absorbed by the trees but some is released as well.


What scientists here are finding out is the way carbon flows into a forest and out of it, is a lot more complicated than you might think. So, if mass tree planting is meant to be a solution to tackling climate change, the trees are going to have to be monitored and cared for, over not just decades, but maybe centuries as well.


Of all the challenges, the task of planting is the simplest. Shelby Barber from Canada can do an amazing 4,000 trees in a day.


BBC reporter, David Shukman
People talking about planting millions, billions of trees around the world. Is it possible do you think, physically?

BBC通讯员     大卫·舒克曼

Shelby Barber, planter
It's definitely possible with the right amount of people, the right group of people. I've personally, in three years, planted just over half a million trees.

谢尔比·巴伯     种植者

Once planted the trees need to survive, and experts are mixing different types to minimise the risk of disease.


Eleanor Tew, Forestry England
It's a bit like making sure you don't put all your eggs in one basket, you're spreading out your risk. And then if one part of that woodland fails, for whatever reason – it gets a disease, it can't tolerate future climatic conditions, there are other parts of the forest that are healthy and able to fill in those gaps.

埃莉诺·图     英格兰林业

Suddenly there's momentum to plant trees on a scale never seen before. So what matters is doing it in a way that ensures the forests thrive - so they really do help with climate change.



experiment 实验

instruments 仪器,器械

tracks 追踪记录

monitored 被监测

don't put all your eggs in one basket 别孤注一掷


Because experts want to minimise the risk of disease for trees.



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