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Valentine's Day《情人节》精讲之四

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Woman: Registration for the AP exam is due next week, so don't flake. Hey, Grace. I was thinking of putting together just a little test-prep group for the class...and I was hoping I could pick your brain about what to focus on...since you've taken the test, and I've--I haven't.

Grace: Yeah, yeah. You know, no problem.

Woman: Great. How about today after school?

Grace: You know, I can't today. I nanny after school.

Woman: How about today at lunch?

Grace: See, normally that would work for me but...today at lunch, I'm gonna have sex with my boyfriend for the first time. First time having sex for both of us.

Woman: That is quite a special time for you.

Grace: It's Valentine's Day, we're in love, we're both 18...and I just want it to be special and--The point is, my parents work, so they'll be gone during lunch. Lunch is the only time it can work out. You know, I'm free tomorrow lunchtime. Lunchtime tomorrow, I'll definitely be free.

Woman: You'll be done having sex by then?

Grace: Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow. It'll be good.

Woman: All right.

Grace: Bye.

Mr. Schwabbe: Come sign the latte petition. Right here, kids. Yeah. Right here.

Student: Okay.

Willy: You're gonna eat first?

Alex: No.

Willy: No? Maybe some Gatorade.

Alex: That's-- Yeah, I don't wanna get dehydrated.

Felicia: You're not gonna eat lunch?

Grace: No. No lunch.

Felicia: Well, did you have a big breakfast?

Grace: No.

Willy: Do pushups. I'm telling you, I do them before I run.

Alex: What? Pushups make you run faster?

Willy: No. Makes you look better.

Felicia: I'll get you a sandwich when you come back.

Grace: Yeah, thanks. That's a good idea.

Mr. Schwabbe: Save the lattes.

Felicia: They're putting lattes in the vending machines? Finally.

Grace: Hey.

Alex: So I'm gonna go to English...and then I'm gonna go set up.

Grace: I'll see you there.

Alex: All right.

Mr. Schwabbe: Thank you, Felicia.

Grace: Mr. Schwabbe, I'm so glad you're taking care of this.

Mr. Schwabbe: You got it.

Felicia: And I like caramel lattes...just, like, FYI.

Mr. Schwabbe: Duly noted.

Valentine's Day《情人节》精讲之四

Willy: Have fun at lunch! What do you think?

Felicia: We're gonna wait. I think we should just, like, enjoy this time.

Willy: Yeah. Okay. Good.

Felicia: Did you like your gift?

Willy: I didn't open it yet.

Felicia: You need to open it.

Willy: It's... It's my track shirt.

Felicia: Yeah, but I ironed on your lucky number on the back. 13.

Willy: But that's your lucky number.

Felicia: You don't even like it.

Willy: No. No, I love it. I can't wait to wear it.

Felicia: Okay. Try it on now, then.

Willy: Now?

Felicia: Yeah.

Willy: Well...you know, a little uncomfortable taking my shirt off in public. But, hey, I'll wear it later, okay?

Felicia: Okay.

Willy: Are you gonna carry it around all day?

Felicia: Shut up. Let's see if this fits in my locker.

Willy: All right.


Paula: This is his 5th paternity test. What are we talking about? So I spoke with the GM. They passed.

Sean: Passed? We got to the playoffs. I was all-league.

Paula: They decided to go another way. They're chasing that kid from Alabama.

Kara: I'm working on a press release saying it was a mutual parting.

Sean: Well, so now what?

Kara: Well, we... We look for another team.

Sean: I don't know. Maybe I'm done.

Kara: You're not done.

Paula: Absolutely not. And I'm not speaking as someone who makes a lot of money off of you. I'm speaking as your fan. Right now, you can still make a ton of money doing what you love.

Sean: Well, the problem is, Paula, it's not the only thing I want out of life. A relationship. Kids.

Paula: Well, you can still have that and play football.

Sean: Look, I'm not complaining. I've been lucky. But--

Paula: So, what is he telling me? What are we gonna do?

Kara: I think we should take a beat and let Sean think about what he wants. Right?

Sean: Right.

Paula: We have no time for thinking. Put it on their tab.


Holden: Come on! That's 7 in a row.

Kate: It's amazing.

Holden: You are like-- This woman's a shark. You are good at this game.

Kate: Not really. Just witnessed a tactical game of reading your opponent and adjusting accordingly.

Holden: Wait, are you saying that you're reading me?

Kate: Thank you.

Airhostess: Happy Valentine's Day.

Holden: Thank you.

Kate: Yes, I can read you. It's part of my training. Everyone gives subtle hints.

Holden: Hints? Like what?

Kate: Giveaways. You boarded the plane wearing a suit but no wedding ring. Serious, but not committed. You let a stranger sleep on your shoulder. Kindness, but also feels good to be needed. The heart-shaped candy. Another giveaway. Either you have a problem with sugar, which, based on the syrup you put on your pancakes this morning, I wouldn't think so. Or you have a problem with candy in the shape of a heart. Which means you might have a problem with romance and things pertaining to this day in particular.

Holden: Not bad, soldier.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. flake: <美俚> 离开;消失。

2.pick one's brain: 征求某人的看法,向某人讨教。看一下例子:I hear you’re a mechanic; can I pick your brains about repairing my car?(我听说你是个机械师,我能向你讨教如何修理我的汽车吗?)

3.nanny: 做保姆。

4.petition: 请愿书。

5. dehydrate: 使(身体)脱水。dehydrate也可以用作不及物动词,例如:People can very quickly dehydrate in the desert.(人在沙漠里很快就会脱水。)

6. pushup: 俯卧撑。

7. caramel latte: 焦糖拿铁咖啡。

8. FYI: for your information 供你参考

9. duly noted: (建议)引起重视(肯定会处理)。请看例子:Your suggestion has been duly noted.(你的建议已受到注意。)

10. track shirt: 田径服。

11. locker: 有锁存物柜,寄物柜。

12. paternity test: 亲子鉴定。

13. GM: general manager 总经理

14. pass: 拒绝。

15. playoff: 最后决赛阶段。

16. Put it on their tab: 记在他们账上。tab有“(尤指饭菜或饮料的)账单,账款,全部费用”的意思,例如:Don’t expect me always to pick up the tab.(别指望总是由我来付账。)

17. shark: 能手,内行,专家。例如:a shark at bridge(打桥牌的好手)。

18. giveaway: 使真相暴露的事物。

19. pertain to: 有关,关于。看一下例子:I'm afraid that your remark does not pertain to the question.(恐怕你的话与这一问题不相干。)



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