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The Week Oct 22, 2010

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Millions of people already have seen the 2010 World Expo under way in Shanghai. But on Oct 16, more than 1 million people visited the Expo on a single day. That breaks the 1970 record set at the World Expo in Japan. But the long lines didn't bother one netizen, who wrote: "What brother goes to look at is not the World Expo, but beautiful girls."

Millions more

Speaking of millions, a British designer has created the world's most expensive mobile phone. It's a diamond encrusted Apple iPhone 4. The price tag is $7.8 million. But can you still make music with it, like this impromptu jam session on a New York subway filmed by MSNBC?

Fashion follies

Here's a fashion idea that probably won't make $1 million. The Internet is buzzing with photographs of a new lacy stocking design by J Crew. Netizens say the problem is, those tights make legs look, well, hairy. But is that really the case? The Week investigates …

China's famous gymnasts

China was No 1 in gymnastics in the final men's qualifications at the 42nd Artistic Gymnastics World Championship in The Netherlands this week. The finals are this weekend. But the amateur award for artistic gymnastics has got to go to this young Chinese man who landed on his feet after his motorcycle collided with a car.

Married at McDonald's?

Here's news on the cheapskate wedding front. Starting in January, a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in Hong Kong will allow couples to get married there. Even with cheeseburgers for everyone, a typical wedding might cost as little as $300. But in Beijing, couples are finding even less expensive ways to get married. Let's check in on one couple who just said "I do" at a convenience store.

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The Week Oct 22, 2010

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The Week Oct 22, 2010

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