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The JaneDear Girls create buzz on country music scene

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The JaneDear Girls create buzz on country music scene

The JaneDear Girls are one of the most talked about new acts in Country music.

"Wildflower" was the first single from The JaneDear Girls' self-titled debut album. The song climbed to Number 15 to become the highest-charting track by a new Country act in 2010.

The JaneDear Girls are Susie Brown from Utah and Texas native Danelle Leverett. Susie, who began playing violin at age four, spent her childhood years performing in her family's band. Danelle was more interested in gymnastics, but turned to songwriting and playing guitar after an injury left her unable to compete. Following their college studies, both headed to Nashville, where they planned to pursue solo careers. Susie and Danelle were introduced through a mutual friend and soon began writing songs together. Their similar singing voices and perfect harmonies led them to join forces and create The JaneDear Girls.

Susie and Danelle bring together a wide range of musical influences. They include Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, Pat Benatar and Journey, Beyonce and Rihanna, and Shania Twain, Alabama, and Keith Urban.

Susie and Danelle met singer and producer John Rich at a Nashville event. He was so impressed with their sound that he offered to produce their debut album. The collection recently debuted at Number ten on the Country Albums chart and Number 46 on the Billboard 200.

The pair co-wrote all 11 tracks on the album, which earned them an Academy of Country Music Award nomination for Top New Vocal Duo. The awards will be presented on April 3rd in Las Vegas.

The duo is supporting its debut album by opening concerts on Jason Aldean's "My Kinda Party" tour. Here are the The JaneDear Girls with their new country hit "Shortgun Girl".

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