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Remembering folk artist Bill Morrissey

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Singer-songwriter Bill Morrissey, 59, died on July 23, but his death hasn't received the same attention as that of Amy Winehouse on the same day. Based in the northeastern state of New Hampshire, Morrissey was well known to folk music fans, releasing ten studio albums and earning two Grammy nominations.

Remembering folk artist Bill Morrissey

One of Bill Morrissey's Grammy nominations came for his 1999 album "Songs of Mississippi John Hurt". That's where you'll find the "Avalon Blues".


Bill Morrissey who died recently at the age of 59 became a professional musician at a young age. He grew up studying the great folk singers and songwriters of the 1960s. He also spent time working in restaurants and as a commercial fisherman, no doubt studying his co-workers as he went about his business, and later turning their quirks and behaviors into song. Songs about old mill towns and the people who populated them was a specialty of his. This is "Small Town On The River".

Bill Morrissey's own life was as difficult as those of the characters in his songs. He battled alcoholism, depression, and was eventually diagnosed as bipolar. And, as he wrote on his website, "I'm on medication for depression, but sometimes the depression is stronger than the medication." Bill Morrissey persevered, however, and, on good days, continued to write and perform.

He released "Something I Saw, or Thought I Saw" in 2001, feature songs written soon after his second divorce. Many critics compared it to Richard and Linda Thompson's break-up album "Shoot Out The Lights," as both deal with fractured relationships. This is "Moving Day".

Singer Bill Morrissey died on July 23 while on tour, which is likely when most performers would prefer the inevitable to happen. In addition to his ten solo CDs, Morrissey and his good friend Greg Brown released a Grammy-nominated duo album. He also wrote a well-received novel called "Edson," and had just completed a second novel at the time of his death. If you'd like to find out more about Bill Morrissey, his songs and his books, visit his website: Bill Morrissey.net.

"Birches" is one of Bill Morrissey's best-loved songs. It about the middle of a marriage, telling the tale of a love that's still strong, but perhaps not burning as bright as it once did.

alcoholism: 酗酒,酒精中毒

bipolar: of or relating to manic depressive illness(双向情感障碍症,精神疾病的一种)


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