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Dierks Bentley takes listeners 'Home'

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Country star Dierks Bentley has a diverse range of musical influences which listeners will hear on his new album, "Home."

Dierks Bentley takes listeners 'Home'

The title track to Dierks Bentley's new album "Home" recently became the ninth Number One Country single of his career. The 36-year-old Arizona native was performing in Australia when he got the news.

Dierks said: "It's been so cool to see fans reacting to this song on the road...the idea of 'Home' and what that means to different people has been really inspiring."

Its patriotic message of togetherness has especially touched soldiers returning to their loved ones after long deployments overseas. President Obama is also a fan of the song, which is nominated for an upcoming Academy of Country Music Award. According to reports, the president has "Home" on his personal campaign playlist.

Dierks Bentley takes listeners 'Home'"Am I The Only One" was the lead single from "Home." The Number One song placed in the Top 10 on Billboard's 2011 year-end Country chart.

Bentley spent 18 months working on the album. He felt the first version lacked the Country, bluegrass and rock mix he's known for, so he tossed the tracks and re-recorded the entire record. Guests on "Home" include award-winning bluegrass musicians Sam Bush and Tim O'Brien.

Dierks is promoting the album on his "Country and Cold Cans Tour," which is expected to be one of the most popular Country tours of 2012, jointed by Karen Fairchild of the popular Country group Little Big Town. Here is Dierks with "When You Gonna Come Around".

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