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THE WEEK Jan 23: An arrow to the knee

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Happy Friday and welcome to another installment of China Daily's The Week! This episode, we've got an archery mishap, the State of the Union of the US and this one Delaware cop lip syncing! So, relax and enjoy the show.


I used to be an adventurer

I used to be an adventurer A man in Changsha, Hunan province ended up in the hospital earlier this week after being shot by an arrow…to the knee. The man was hanging laundry out to dry on his balcony when all of a sudden he was stuck by the arrow. Turns out it was an accident caused by a hapless neighbor enthralled by archery instead of a Hunger Games scenario.


Sick burn

Sick burn This past Wednesday was the State of the Union address by US president Barack Hussein Obama. The POTUS talked about various aspects of the United States such as the recovering economy and the need for higher education, but at one point he dropped the sickest burn a standing president had ever leveraged at the US congress. On top of the "mic drop", the SOTU also brought us the funny expressions of the tomato-esque Speaker of the House, John Boehner.


Shake it off

Shake it off A police officer from Dover County, Delaware became internet famous after dash cam video of him lip syncing to a Taylor Swift song made its way online. The officer sung and "Shake'd" it off to Swift’s "Shake it off". You can't miss this video.


THE WEEK Jan 23: An arrow to the knee


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