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Don't worry, we're happy

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Feeling happy? Now you can share your joy and excitement with other commuters at a "happy bus station" in downtown Beijing.

In a bizarre new marketing campaign, commuters are being asked to reveal their mood at 10 bus stops including Dongsi Shitiao, Workers' Stadium and Beijing Children's Hospital.

Participants can choose between two screens, one with a smiling face and the other a crying face. By pressing the face that best suits your mood, you are added to the running tally shown on the display.

Beijing is the last of five Chinese cities to have its mood tested in the two-week Happy Bus Station Project by the beer Carlsberg Chill.

Nearly four million people have participated in the project and happy residents have outnumbered unhappy ones in every city.

The happiest city was Shanghai, where 55.5 percent of participants were in a good mood. The unhappiest city was Chengdu, where 50.46 percent of participants felt happy.

Beijing's results will be released in two weeks.

"We hope the project will remind urbanites to relax and think positive at any chance they get in their busy life, like when they are waiting for a bus," said You Nannan, the project manager.

"I touched the smiling face because I'm satisfied with my life," said 29-year-old Li Huiling, the owner of a clothing store, who was waiting for a bus at Dengshi Xikou station on Wangfujing Street.

"I'm not in a good mood so, I touched the crying face," said young secretary Qin Yajun, who works in public relations.


1. Name three out of the ten “happy bus stations” located in Beijing.

2. Who is sponsoring the Happy Bus Station Project?

3. What was the unhappiest city?


1. Dongsi Shitiao, Workers' Stadium and Beijing Children's Hospital.

2. Carlsberg Chill.

3. Chengdu.

(英语点津 Helen 编辑)

Don't worry, we're happy

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Don't worry, we're happy

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