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Disney effect to wash over Expo

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Coming attractions like the USA pavilion's live-action movie experience will redefine the future of Chinese 'edutainment,' say creative heads at design firm BRC

The USA pavilion is on track to open in time for the start of the Shanghai Expo, so early visitors won't miss out on its main attraction, an emotive cinematic experience right out of Hollywood, officials say.

"We got a delayed start but we are catching up rapidly and we hope to open on May 1," commissioner-general Jose Villareal told a press conference held at a luxury nightclub near the Bund last week.

"Hollywood, California, is ground zero for big-screen entertainment, and last week I had the privilege of visiting the studio where (design firm) BRC is producing the show for our pavilion," said Villareal, who was appointed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"This is our grand feature, the main event, and I don't think, based on what I saw last week, that any of us will be disappointed."

Guests will first be treated to a video montage of classic Americana before US citizens and celebrities like Kobe Bryant welcome them in mandarin Chinese.

After "Act 1: The Spirit of America" guests will be spirited to "Act 2: The Garden" which tells the story of how a young girl engages her community - a metaphor for the world's community of nations - in turning a derelict wasteland into a flourishing oasis.

This part of the show, which corresponds to the structure's rooftop urban farm feature, uses new technology borrowed from sponsor Microsoft and five jagged, 10-meter-tall "screen towers" that resemble a city skyline to impress tourists as the cinema "slowly comes alive", Lombardo says.

Meanwhile, the use of music instead of dialogue will ensure everyone can enjoy the spectacle at what surveys show to be the second most anticipated pavilion at the 2010 Expo after the China pavilion.

BRC aims to enhance the experience by incorporating 4D elements like wind, rain and lightning at its main 500-seat auditorium. The USA pavilion will deploy other forms of cutting-edge communications technology such as tagging, which links cell phones to URLs. Act 3 will divide into five themed areas focusing on opportunities and innovation, with an eye to the future.

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Disney effect to wash over Expo

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Disney effect to wash over Expo

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