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Australian floods toll rises

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Raging Australian floodwaters claimed two more lives on Monday, when a man drowned after his car was washed into a flooded creek and the body of another swept from a small boat was recovered.

The torrential rains which have lashed the state and created a massive flood zone have now claimed 10 lives since Nov 30, police said.

In the latest fatality, a man died after the car he was in was washed into a flooded creek as it was being driven across a causeway, prompting more warnings for residents not to drive through flooded roads and to obey road closures.

Chief Superintendent Alistair Dawson told reporters in Brisbane: "They are there for a purpose and that purpose is the protection of life".

Searchers on Monday also recovered the body of a 38-year-old man whose boat was swamped two days ago in central Queensland's Boyne River at Tannum Sands, an area badly hit by the floods.

The man and his companion attempted to swim to safety after the boat began filling with water and he was last seen stranded on a sand bar. The other man made it to safety and raised the alarm.

Floodwaters sweeping through northeastern Australia have prompted a string of rescues, including that of a group attempting to cross a swamped causeway in the northern Gulf of Carpentaria region late on Saturday.

Police managed to save three children and another adult from the car but a 41-year-old woman disappeared before they could reach her. Her body was recovered later.

Since Nov 30 there have been seven other deaths related to the floods, including that of a 17-year-old girl who drowned after her foot became stuck between rocks while trying to walk across a swollen and rising creek.


1. Where are the floods?

2. How many people have died?

3. Where was the Chief Superintendent speaking to reporters?


1. Australia

2. 10

3. Brisbane


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Australian floods toll rises

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Australian floods toll rises

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