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UK, northern European leaders seek economy fixes

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Prime ministers from nine northern European countries were due to meet in London on Thursday as part of a UK initiative to find ways to boost trade, growth and jobs for countries badly jolted by the financial crisis.

The summit, involving the United Kingdom, Nordic and Baltic countries, is the idea of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who believes it can learn from Nordic high-tech innovation and green policies.

Cameron's coalition government also is seeking to bolster the UK's economic recovery through trade and to expand its diplomatic relationships beyond the traditional pillars of the United States and the European Union.

Cameron opposes greater integration of the EU, but UK officials say he is not seeking to establish a rival to the 27-nation bloc.

The summit will discuss "how best to boost economic growth, enterprise and job creation while improving people's well-being", Cameron said.

Northern Europe embraced innovation and understood the potential of green technologies for economic growth, he said.

"So at a time when much of Europe is in desperate need of fundamental economic reform, it makes sense for us to come together for the benefit of all our economies: an 'avant garde' for jobs and growth," he said in a statement.

Many of the nations taking part in the summit - the UK, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Baltic nations Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - were hard hit by the banking crisis and subsequent recession.

Some, including the UK, have been forced to slash public spending to rein in soaring budget deficits.

The summit will discuss technology and innovation, jobs, family and gender equality as well as the "green economy" and sustainable business.


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UK, northern European leaders seek economy fixes

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UK, northern European leaders seek economy fixes

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