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Palestinian surfers find freedom amid waves of Gaza

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Mohammed Abu Jayab feels alive while he's surfing the waves off the Gaza Strip, relishing the brief sense of freedom from the harsh realities of life under siege.

Abu Jayab, a 38-year-old lifeguard, taught himself to surf when he was young while hanging out on the beach with his friends who used pieces of wood as a board, despite the dangers.

And 20 or so years later, he still harbors dreams of taking part in an international competition.

"Surfing has been a hobby of mine since I was little. I learned from watching TV and I fell in love with it, although no-one in Gaza knows about the international standards involved," he said.

"When I surf, I feel free because the sea is the only means of escape for people from Gaza, with its difficult life, unemployment, poverty and the siege," he said, referring to the Israeli blockade which has been in place since 2007, holding around 1.5 million people prisoner inside the territory.

Abu Jayab says there are 40 surfers in the Gaza Strip, who share just 15 surfboards between them.

Together they belong to the Gaza Surf Club, which uses professional boards and wetsuits provided through the help of groups such as Surfing 4 Peace, Gaza Surf Relief and other donors.

Surfing hundreds of meters from the shore, Abu Jayab and three of his friends don't seem to care about the icy water nor the rushing of the wind on this wintry afternoon.

But they are always on alert for the Israelis, whose naval boats routinely patrol the seas off Gaza and have been known to open fire at anyone deemed suspicious.

"I adore surfing and riding the waves, even in the winter with high winds and waves," said 32-year-old Ahmad Abu Hasira.

"It's a pleasure you can't get from anything else. You live for the rush and the freedom."

He also dreams of participating one day in an international surfing competition.


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Palestinian surfers find freedom amid waves of Gaza

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Palestinian surfers find freedom amid waves of Gaza

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