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Disney plans Chinese stores by mid-2012

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Walt Disney Co said on Tuesday that it will open its first direct-sale store in China by mid-2012.

The move would see the US-based company making another stride into the Chinese market. The move comes after construction of its Shanghai Disney theme park project started in November, following a decade-long negotiating marathon.

The Disney Stores, which will sell the company's merchandise, including gifts, T-shirts and toys, will be wholly owned and operated by the company. This is a reversal of its former strategy in China, which was to sell its goods through authorized dealers.

The company said that the decision to open stores in China represents "an important milestone" in its business in the country.

"The kids' branded-retail market in China is growing and we are positioned to provide a family shopping environment," Stanley Cheung, executive vice-president of Walt Disney Co Greater China, said in a statement.

The company said outlets will be located in premier malls, shopping centers and department stores. However, a public relations official with Walt Disney Co (Shanghai) Ltd said it is "too early" to say which cities the stores will be in.

The move into China is an addition to the company's global expansion this year. A further 25 outlets will open, raising the number of stores worldwide to more than 350.


1. When did construction of Shanghai Disney begin?

2. Where will the new Disney stores be located in China?

3. How many stores will Disney open worldwide this year, and what will the total number of stores be following these openings?


1. In November.

2. Disney has not yet announced in what cities these stores will be located.

3. Disney plans to open 25 new stores around the world this year, which will bring the total to 350 Disney-run stores.


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Disney plans Chinese stores by mid-2012

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Disney plans Chinese stores by mid-2012

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