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Beijing's big dry spell set to stretch the record

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In Beijing, Sunday was the capital city's 84th snow-free day this winter. That made it the longest winter period without snow in Beijing since records began 60 years ago.

And there is no sign of snow falling in Beijing in the next 10 days. That means the city is unlikely to enjoy a "white" Chinese New Year, which falls on Feb 3, according to the local weather bureau.

However, Beijing residents can expect warmer weather for the start of the Spring Festival with the temperature rising to 7 Celsius during the day, said Sun Jisong, a leading forecaster with Beijing meteorological bureau.

Since 1951, the record for the latest snowfall in Beijing was set in 1984, when it came on Jan 29. The city has now surpassed that record.

Chen Dagang, a senior expert at the climate center of the Beijing meteorological bureau, predicted that Beijing will not see snow until the second half of February, the Beijing News reported on Sunday.

The dry winter means water shortages have affected 90 percent of farmland in the capital's suburban areas, according to the Beijing News.

The parched and windy conditions also increase the risk of fire, especially in the rural areas surrounding the capital.


1. On what date was the last record set for a lack of snow in Beijing?

2. When do weather bureaus expect to see snow in Beijing?

3. What problems have been created by a dry, snow-less winter?


1. Jan 29, 1984

2. Some expect it not to snow until the second half of February.

3. Water shortages are hurting 90 percent of farmlands in rural areas of Beijing, and the dry weather also is increasing the risk of fire.


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Beijing's big dry spell set to stretch the record

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Beijing's big dry spell set to stretch the record

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