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Bin Laden audio file released

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Al-Qaida released a posthumous audio recording by Osama bin Laden in which he praised revolutions sweeping through several Arab countries, and called for more Muslim "tyrants" to be toppled.

Islamists have conspicuously been absent in the uprisings in the Middle East that have largely been led by ordinary citizens angered by corruption and mismanaged economies.

Al-Qaida and other militant groups have waged bloody, but unsuccessful, campaigns to topple these same rulers and by praising the revolts, bin Laden, who was killed in a US raid on May 2 in Pakistan, appeared to be trying to make the Islamists relevant again.

Al-Qaida had said bin Laden, who masterminded the Sept 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, recorded a message a week before his death. The audio was included in an Internet video more than 12 minutes-long and posted on Islamist websites.

"The sun of the revolution has risen from the Maghreb. The light of the revolution came from Tunisia. It has given the nation tranquility and made the faces of the people happy," the speaker, whose sounds like bin Laden, said.

"To the Muslim nation - we are watching with you this great historic event and share with you the joy and happiness. Congratulations for your victories and may God grant your martyrs mercy, your injured recovery and your prisoners freedom."

Tunisia's president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali was overthrown by mass protests in January, followed by Egypt's Hosni Mubarak.

Bin Laden praised the Egyptian revolution and urged Arab protesters to maintain their momentum, adding: "I believe that the winds of change will envelope the entire Muslim world."


1. Who was the recording made by?

2. When was bin Laden killed?

3. How long was the Internet video released?


1. Osama bin Laden.

2. May 2.

3. 12 minutes.

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Bin Laden audio file released

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Bin Laden audio file released

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